Microsoft Working on a “Career” System for Xbox Live


As reported on by Windows Central, it seems that the new Xbox Live Avatars will eventually be tied into a “Career” system that will encompass many more features.

While it’s still apparently early, and no definitive information has been shared by Microsoft, some details have been gleaned from early testing. Along with the new Avatars, the Career system will apparently offer a profile level system with prestige ranks and the ability to earn cosmetic items for your Avatar. There will also be Quests that will be tied to specific objectives which can potentially earn you loot crates likely containing rare or sought after items for your Avatars as well.

Mike Ybarra had previously alluded to a new and improved Gamerscore system and it seems this Career system could be just that. What it will look like in the end, or when it will officially launch we don’t know. Regardless, it’s exciting to think that the now 12 year old achievement system could be upgraded.

Our Take

In our opinion, this is long overdue. Achievements and trophies have become standard fare and neither Microsoft nor Sony have pushed any boundaries on how they’ve been implemented in some time. Having a platform experience level that comes with rewards makes a lot of sense. We hope to see more of this in the near future.

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