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Nexon Writes Off Lawbreakers Entirely


Nexon, publishing company for Lawbreakers, has written off Lawbreakers entirely essentially meaning the game’s value is now $0. Their third quarter investors report can be found here, and reports that Lawbreakers accounted for the majority of $32.6 million in expenses.

Most peculiar however, is that according to a Q&A session that was done with CFO Shiro Uemura, Nexon is blaming PUBG for the bulk of Lawbreakers failure. You can find the Q&A here.

Our Take

Lawbreakers failure seems to be a result of many factors including poor marketing, exclusivity, and a suddenly oversaturated “hero shooter” market. Knowing that Lawbreakers was Cliff Blezinski’s latest title, and knowing how outspoken he has been about it, it will be interesting to see where the title and he go next.

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