Star Wars Battlefront 2 : Credit Updates and New Content Inbound


It’s certainly been an interesting few weeks for Star Wars Battlefront 2. We’ve already commented at length on the controversy surrounding the game so we’re going to solely focus on the changes announced by Electronic Arts this morning.

First, they are making improvements to the pace at which you earn credits in the game starting today. Specifically:

  • End of round credits have been increased, particularly for high-performing players in each round.
  • The Arcade Mode credit limit has been increased three fold to 1,500 credits.
  • Daily login crates will provide more crafting parts.

Then, new content begins to arrive next week including:

  • Finn being added as a Hero for the Resistance.
  • Captain Phasma being added as a Hero for the First Order.
  • New Galatic Assault map Crait
  • New Starfighter Assault map D’Qar
  • New chapters for the single player story mode telling the story of Iden Versio during the days of the First Order’s rise to power (December 13th).

You can find all the details via the official site here: Battlefront 2 Content Update Details

Our Take

Despite the controversy surrounding the game, it has some impressive features and content. With new features and content on the way along with changes to the credit and progression systems, hopefully EA can turn the corner for the title. There has been too much work invested, by many talented developers, for the game to be merely blown off.

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