Star Wars Battlefront 2 : Character Progression, Unlocks, Crates, and Crafting

Courtesy of a gameplay video by Star Wars HQ, we now have a more in-depth look at the type of progression Star Wars Battlefront 2 will offer its players.  The key takeaways are this:

  • You will earn Star Cards by purchasing crates.
  • There will be different crates that offer varying chances at rarer cards.  Right now there are common, uncommon, and rare crates.
  • Card rarities right now include common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.
  • As you level you will earn points to buy crates.  You can also earn points through gameplay bonuses.
  • You are able to craft items now using crafting parts that can be obtained through crates or by receiving duplicate cards (duplicates are turned into parts automatically).
  • There will be point and crate bonuses to some degree relating to daily logins and play time.

Obviously the game is still a work in progress and some of these systems can change. But for now, you can find the details along with some new gameplay footage via the video below:

Our Take

It looks as though EA and DICE are taking a very similar approach to other games that have foregone a season pass offering.  Instead, we get a progression and unlock system that resembles many of the multiplayer games on the market today.  Quite frankly, we think it’s a great decision and our own Porshapwr wrote an article on season passes needing to end last year (Season Passes Need to End).  Battlefront 2 remains one of our most anticipated titles of the year and November can’t come soon enough.

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