NHL 18 Official Gameplay Trailer

We have our first full look at NHL 18 after the NHL Awards last night.  This year the team looks to highlight the amazing young talent in the league.  From having McDavid on the cover to new dekes and stick handling moves, they are aiming to replicate the speed and skill that these new players have demonstrated since joining the NHL.  Additionally, they are bringing the 3 on 3 OT rules to the game including a new “Threes” mode that will play more like an arcade style of NHL (which is also playable in EASHL).  We’ll be covering the feature set in the future as we learn more so stay tuned!

Our Take

NHL, while less popular overall than the other major sports, results in a very fun and fast paced video game.  NHL 17 was a solid title but contained some frustrating elements that continue to exist today even after several tuning efforts.  As usual, we hope NHL 18 is a step forward rather than merely adding features to a game that will still contain bugs.

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