Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Live Avatars

One of the larger announcements during E3 last week that was overlooked from the Microsoft side, they have unveiled the long discussed new avatars.  The goal of the avatars was to make them all-inclusive and to be much more advanced than those from the 360 generation.  Given the video, it seems they have accomplished that goal.  However, we don’t know if these will arrive this year alongside the Xbox One X, or sometime later in the future.  For now, here’s the preview:

Our Take

During the Xbox 360 generation, the avatars were actually used to do some interesting things such as having games dedicated to using your avatar and even watching movies together on Netflix.  One of the most creative uses we recall is in Mortal Kombat modes where you could be represented by your avatar while waiting to have your next fight.  As of now, we’re not sure what role the new ones will represent but we hope it’s more significant than they are now.

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