E3 : Sony Conference Overview

Sony’s conference was a different take on how to present their content. A number of games had in-person entertainment, impressive lighting, and sounds that excited the crowd. Sony seemed to play it safe with no big surprises or new IP’s. It also seems as if they are saving other parts of E3 to release game trailers for other titles like Gran Turismo, Ace Combat, Knack 2 and other first party software. There was a decent amount of time spent on PSVR which was unexpected as well.

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy

It’s very hard to not get excited for any Uncharted type of game. This game appears to be a bargain at only $40. This trailer only affirms what we’ve all been expecting from this title.

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC

We loved Horizon when it launch earlier this year and when we finished it we only wanted more. What a great surprise to see a DLC announcement.

Release Date:  TBD

Days Gone

This game has looked great since we saw the trailer in 2016. While we didn’t really see anything new it was great to see more of the gameplay mechanics.

Release Date:  TBD

Shadow of the Colossus

A tiny bit of information did leak on this title  but we weren’t sure what to expect. This is an official remake of the original PS2 game. It looks stunning and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. We look forward to an official due date.

Release Date:  2018

PlayStation VR

PSVR did have a surprisingly strong presence this year as we were unsure if Sony would spend a large amount of time on VR. We did get 5 different announcements but without release dates of when they’re coming.  The biggest fan reaction came in the form of Skyrim VR. While the quality of the others did appear well below typical strong PS4 standards, it’s expected being VR titles.

God of War

One of Sony’s most beloved franchises was a showcase for another E3. We saw a lot more gameplay and more of the Norse world we were teased with last year. No HUD was shown during gameplay and we aren’t sure if that was due to conference presentation or if Santa Monica Studios is aiming for a more cinematic experience.

Release Date: Early 2018


One of our most anticipated games this E3 did not disappoint in any form. Our first look at gameplay looked a lot like the Arkham series mixed with some Uncharted elements. We have complete faith in Insomniac in producing an amazing game.

Release Date: 2018

Detroit : Become Human

We finally got to see a lengthy demo of what Detroit Become Human represents including a look at how the AI will “get back” at humanity.

Release Date : TBD


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