Bandai Namco Announce ARPG “Code Vein”

After the “Prepare to Dine” hashtag used last week, Bandai Namco have now unveiled “Code Vein” which they are describing as a “dungeon exploration type, hardcore ARPG”.


Some of the features have been detailed such as:

  • The game runs on Unreal Engine 4
  • There is a “buddy” system that allows you to bring a co-op partner along
  • Development is being done by the God Eater team and is approximately a third complete.
  • A full trailer for the game will be released in May.
  • Platforms haven’t been mentioned but it is confirmed to be coming to “console(s)”.

Our Take

We’re a big fan of ARPGs so a “hardcore, dungeon ARPG” is right up our alley.  Given Bandai Namco’s recent success, we hope this turns out well and are anticipating more details in the coming weeks.  Could this be a new Souls competitor or even replacement?  Time will tell!



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