Xbox One Project Scorpio : News Begins to Surface


Update April 2nd : Another industry inside source who has been widely trusted over the past several years has confirmed that Microsoft will unveil at least the Scorpio specs later this week.  Given the sources of these leaks, we feel extremely confident in telling our readers that they can expect Scorpio to finally be revealed this week.  The wait is almost over!

Courtesy of Windows Central, whom we typically trust as a source rather than mere rumor, we’ve learned more of the road map and game plans for Scorpio today.  There’s some very notable information here which we will break down for you.

First, in this post, Microsoft plans on using specific games to highlight the 4K capability of the new console.  In particular, Forza Motorsport 7, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Battlefront 2 are called out here.  But other than flagship titles that contain 4K assets, the plan is to allow games with dynamic scaling today (Halo 5 and Battlefield 1 come to mind) to run at 1080p all the time.


More notably in our opinion, is the way in which Microsoft will allow developers to manage their games on Scorpio which in-turn, will also benefit Xbox players.  According to this post on Windows Central, developers will be able to deploy code only when Scorpio is recognized as being present.  This is important as it means that standard Xbox One or Xbox One S owners will not need to maintain space or bandwidth to download code that isn’t relevant to them.

Lastly, it seems that developers are expecting to be running at 80-90% of Scorpio’s full potential by May with the June XDK update giving them full launch power.  We have to imagine this aligns well with the showcase we are expecting at E3 in June.

Stay tuned to SG for more Scorpio information as becomes available!


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