Destiny 2 : “Rally the Troops” Reveal Trailer and Thoughts

Destiny 2 has been fully revealed.  In case you missed it, here is the debut gameplay trailer for Bungie’s mega sequel:

  • Yet again we see the humor aspect with Cayde.  We have to imagine, given the focus on these first two trailers, that Bungie is going to play up the humor aspect in the Destiny 2 campaign.
  • It certainly seems that the Guardians will be further developed in the sequel.  While we learned about the history of the Guardians in Destiny, it didn’t portray the significance of your role well.  There’s a heavy emphasis here on defending humanity.
  • Cayde comments directly on “Everything is gone.  Your stuff, my stuff…”   For those who were previously unaware, this is Bungie’s way of telling players that they are starting fresh in terms of gear and loot.
  • Early on in the trailer, we see a group of 3 fending off enemies one by one.  It will be interesting to see if this was merely coincidence or if parties in Destiny 2 will be limited to 3 party members in certain aspects again.
  • We can’t quite make out the main antagonist’s name.  Golne possibly?  But we at least no it’s not Gary.
  • They specifically mention a “ton of loot” in the reveal trailer.  As many know, the loot aspect was heavily criticized in Destiny 1 and the “loot cave” became an industry phenomenon.  Here’s to hoping it’s an entirely new system in Destiny 2.
  • And lastly, as we expected if you pre-order, you will get early access to the beta for the game.



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