Horizon Zero Dawn is an Amazingly Gorgeous Game

I’ve been really enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn.  What Guerrilla has accomplished on their first outing in the action RPG genre deserves applause.  While I’m not going to give impressions or a review of the game, like many others I have been actively taking screenshots of my time in the world using the in-game photo mode (thank you for that Guerrilla!).  I wanted to share some of these because honestly, they are simply stunning at times.

To note, I am playing on a PS4 Pro but still on a 1080p TV at this time. I am also playing on the Framerate preference setting.  I will likely continue to add to this over time but here’s a sample of my travels so far:







Sunset at the Canyon



And my personal favorite due to the sheer brilliance of the lighting and environment.




By Ains

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