The Division Year One Celebration and Upcoming Free Expansions


It was revealed on a “Year One Celebration” live stream today that Massive Entertainment will be celebrating the Division’s first year success with events and freebies for fans.  You can see the details in this image:

one year

Additionally, Massive detailed plans about two further expansions coming to the game in 2017 which will be free for all players.  The first expansion, expected in Summer, will include limited-time events that will pay out rewards for participation and completion. There will be in-game leaderboards for these to generate further competition as well.  It will also add an in-game rewards system temporarily defined as “Feats”.  Players can earn rewards, described as “Marks of Distinction,” for a variety of activities that will be defined in the future.

There were no details for the second expansion other than it will be story driven than the first and will come later in the year.  Massive also stressed that no further level cap changes nor paid DLC will be released for The Division.

Our Take

It’s great to see Massive continuing to support the Division.  While the game has had its rough patches over the course of the year, it has continued to expand and improve over time and is a far better game now than when it first released.  Rewarding fans with continued DLC and expansions for free is icing on the cake.  Well done Massive.


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