Another E3 has come and gone and with it, some fantastic memories for our crew and many amazing games to look forward to. We’ll sum up our coverage below and leave this page up for a short time frame.

For our E3 predictions and leak discussions over the past two weeks, you can find out Bitcasts here!

Here is a link to our E3 2019 Playlist on YouTube which contains a wealth of off-screen footage as well as our reactions to several closed door demos. If you’re looking for games off of the show floor and info on some of the games you’ve been hoping to hear more on (like Cyberpunk 2077 or Dying Light 2) look no further:

Here is a full breakdown video of the Xbox Conference from Ains and Bert and you can also find a full summary of the conference with trailers here:

Here is a full breakdown video of the Nintendo Direct from Ains and Bert:

Here is Ainsley’s article on Project xCloud and the associated gameplay demo below:

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is Entirely New and Most Impressive: Impressions from the Closed Demo


How the Xbox Hardware Team is Improving the Elite Controller for Series 2: Bert gives you an in-depth look

Elite 2

A collection of pictures that we captured during the week!

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  • Anonymous -

    Not sure if they’re going to have xCloud demo stations but I’d like to hear hands on first impressions of xCloud and what the pay model for it is going to be. Other that that I just want to know more about Halo Infinite. Looking forward to your E3 coverage. Thanks!

    • Seasoned Gaming -

      From what we know, xCloud will be a large focus during Xbox’s conference so we should get a lot more info. We’ll certainly track down any additional info we can find. And yes, we’ll be all over Halo Infinite!

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