Nathan Lynch

I'm a father of 3 amazing kids and a US Army veteran who's been gaming since the Atari 2600 days. Outside of gaming I'm an avid cook, mainly meat on the grill or in cast iron, rookie fisherman, and lover of cheese. I primarily play on my Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PC. My favorite games are rogue-lites, looter shooters, and anything I can play co-op. I am a huge supporter of fundraising for Extra-Life and can be found on Twitter @NatorMVP
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Review : Exit the Gungeon : Exiting Bullethell

Review : Exit the Gungeon : Exiting Bullethell

You can find Seasoned Gaming’s review policy here Exit the Gungeon is the sequel to Dodgeroll Games' hit rogue-lite game, Enter the Gungeon, and was initially released on Apple Arcade on Sep 19th, 2019. As an Apple Arcade launch title, it was actually the reason that I signed up for…