Zach Bateman

I am a proud father, and a United States Marine Corps Veteran with a passion for gaming. All around I am a big geek with interests in horror, comics, and metal music. I mostly play on PS5 and PC, while gravitating to horror games, and single player RPGs. I am also a content creator for the gaming community Regiment and help fundraise for many different Veteran benefit organizations such as Stack-Up, Veteran's Puppy for Life, and Shellback Tech. You can find me avidly tweeting at
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Why Aren’t You Playing Elden Ring?

Why Aren’t You Playing Elden Ring?

FROMSOFTWARE’s titles have a tendency to turn inexperienced players away from their games. With this track record of creating difficult entries, Elden Ring elicits a response that capitalizes on the difficulty of FROM’s past titles. Despite this, Elden Ring has garnished a new audience that is experiencing FROM’s titles for…