THE FINALS Open-Beta Announced for All Platforms

One of our most anticipated shooters is Embark Studios‘ THE FINALS. We previewed the game previously and explained why it’s one of the most exciting shooters we’ve played in years. This weekend, more players will get to experience it for themselves via an open-beta.

The open beta will begin Thursday, October 25th and run through November 5th. It will be available on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S). It will feature a free mini-battle-pass for all players that will include 16 permanent unlocks when the full game releases. Here is what players can expect:

  • Iconic Arenas

    • *NEW* Skyway Stadium — Experience the ever-changing Skyway Stadium, where players can test their limits in this treacherous playground.

    • Monaco – Play through the cobblestone streets of Monaco, making it a perfect map for destruction and closed-quartered combat.

    • Seoul – Fight atop towering skyscrapers in downtown Seoul with fast paced, vertical gameplay. Be careful to watch where you step so you don’t fall.

  • New and Updated Game Modes

    • *NEW* Bank-It — Four teams of three battle it out for coins in this casual-friendly, combat-focused mode. The team that reaches the max limit first, or the team with the most cash banked at the end of the round, wins.

    • Unranked Tournament — A Cashout mode where four teams of three compete to find cashboxes and deposit them in vaults, in an unranked tournament format with three rounds and 24 players in total.

    • Ranked Tournament — A Cashout mode with four teams of three in a ranked tournament format with four rounds and 48 players in total.

    • Quick Cash — A casual-friendly variant of Cashout in a 3v3v3 format. This mode has longer matches, faster respawn timers, faster extraction times and only one vault at a time.

    • Practice Range — A place for contestants to test weapons, gadgets, movement—and of course, destruction.

  • Contestant Progression

    • The free Open Beta BattlePass will include 16 exclusive rewards that, if unlocked, will be transferred to the full game at launch

    • Item progression will include 5 Mastery Levels per weapon

  • League Progression

    • Five Leagues (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) will include permanent rewards for each tier, along with an exclusive Legendary Diamond Weapon Skin reward for contestants who reach Diamond tier.

  • Even More Content – The open beta will feature 20 Weapons, 26 Gadgets and 9 abilities for contestants to choose from, as well as improvements to performance, movement, teamplay, and more.

We’ll have more to say on THE FINALS this weekend on the next Bitcast and you can also visit the game’s main site here in the meantime!

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