Review : Glorious Model I 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

I am quite particular with my mice but not too much of a snob about it. I prefer big, bulky mice with a litany of buttons and features that makes my gaming experience as seamless and relaxing as possible. The days of 21-plus button mice with intense sensitivity settings that could double as a flail at my local LARP events are over, unfortunately. Then along came Glorious Gaming with their brand new ultra-lightweight Model I 2Wireless mouse.

Designed for right-handed users, the Model I 2provides you with a litany of settings and compatibility across Windows, macOS, and Linux that makes this my new favorite mouse of all time, a record previously held by the Steel Series World of Warcraft gaming mouse. If you are a PC gaming enthusiast, you’ll find not only a ton of utility within the Model I2, but a comfortable experience that won’t cramp up your hands after hours of use. If you are a traveler who games on the go, you’ll find the Model I 2 as the perfect accessory while you are out and about.

Specs & Design

Let’s talk about specs here first. At the heart of the Model I 2is Glorious’ BAMF 2.0 26K optical sensor with Motion Sync technology giving you up to 26,000 dpi with 650 IPS speed and 1,000 Hz (1ms) polling rate—living up to the sensor’s name in every regard. With the 75 gram / 2.6 ounce weight and smooth feet found on the underside of the mouse, I had a free range of motion without being held back by any of the weight. At first I thought the lack of weight would draw me out of the experience as the packaging is heavier than the mouse itself. I was surprised by how quick it was or me to acclimate from the heavier mice of my past, the Model I 2eases me into the world of lightweight designs in ways I never thought of before.

The Model I 2uses three methods of connectivity—2.4 GHz with an included adapter, Bluetooth 5.2 LE, and standard wired connection with an included cable that is equally lightweight and durable. I tend to opt for the 2.4 GHz wireless mode whenever I can across all types of peripherals and this is no different. The included wireless receiver can plug directly into your system’s USB-A port or, with the included adapter, allows you to use the cable to keep that receiver close by. So if you are done for the day, you can recharge the Model I 2immediately, and if you are a fan of style then you’ll keep that cable handy.

An internal battery provides you with multiple maximum runtimes depending on the technology you use. At a full charge, Bluetooth mode gives you up to 210 hours while in 2.4 GHz gives you 110 hours with RGB effects turned off. If you are a fan of the pretty lights, then your milage may vary. Otherwise, you get a solid evening of game time in with as much as four to five hour sessions not entirely draining the battery while I was playing. 

Vast Connectivity Options

While I always use 2.4 GHz wireless modes, I have always personally preferred the wired option simply because I don’t like to worry about the battery life. It is a compromise between me and my technology and that doesn’t really change here. That isn’t a bad thing though because the included cable is so lightweight that when plugged in, I barely notice any snagging or dragging. It doesn’t rally hamper my gaming experience.

Although, I have experienced an odd situation revolving around the wired connectivity where the Model I2’s lighting and adjustable settings weren’t recognized right away until I disconnected and reconnected the cable. This may be a driver issue and somewhat related to the USB-C side of the cable which features this really unappealing housing. While the idea behind it is to provide enhanced durability, it is ever so snug that I can’t tell if it is properly seated. If you don’t mind a heavier wire, then most USB-C cables can fit right into the port. I will say that they sent me two version of the Model I2, one in black and the other in white and I only experienced this situation with the black one and not the white one, so I would say that this isn’t a major issue and definitely not a deal breaker. 

On the other hand, while the wired experience can be hit or miss on my review unit, I must say that I love the design for the wireless adapter. I don’t think I can emphasis this enough, the receiver is so light and has a grip on the bottom to prevent slipping, but most heavy duty fancy mice cables would easily pull on it and drag. Not with Glorious though as their cable is light and thin without taking away from the pure aesthetics. It is so light that it doesn’t pull on the adapter. When you place this on a nice surface like your desktop, it remains still. Clearly, the Model I 2is designed for lightweight everything.

Customizable On Every Level

When paired with Glorious’ CORE software, you can make a ton of adjustments to the Model I2. There are a total of nine programmable buttons found around the mouse including the left and right buttons, scroll wheel, dpi adjustment buttons, and the four side buttons nestled near the thumb area. Reassigning these buttons was so simple and easy which, when I look at other mice out there, is a huge deal because other companies don’t provide this seamless experience. Not only can you reassign the extra side buttons, but you can remove them and replace them with different styles thanks to the magnetic design. I prefer the standard buttons that the Model I 2 came with but it is nice to see Glorious add this level of physical customizability. 

The CORE software also allows you to adjust lighting, sensitivity settings, and save parameters to one of three profiles. If you are like me and play a lot of MMOs or happen to swap between different genres of games often, this feature is a godsend. Changing these settings are quite easy and seamless, making this my favorite software I have used ever. No fancy bells and whistles when it comes to adjusting options for a straight-forward experience.

You can also adjust sensitivity settings within the CORE software, giving you up to 26,000 dpi with five levels that you can set for quick switching using the two top buttons (by default) just below the scroll wheel. Each sensitivity level is color-coded so all you need to do is lift up the mouse where an LED tells you which level is enabled if you are unsure. This is a great feature for those who are entering into the world of PC gaming and want a nice visual experience instead of gaging how fast the pointer is flying around the screen.

Glory In The Right Ways

So, what are the downsides to the Model I2? Well, if you have trypophobia, well, you’re not going to like it. It might be also be too light weight, if such a term even exists here. Thanks to my time with the Logitech Hero mouse with the infinite scroll wheel, I keep on accidentally adjusting my dpi, which is a personal problem that shouldn’t effect you. Also, battery is hit or miss but that comes with the territory of having an ultralight mouse design, lots of compromises were made here and I believe they were made for the betterment of the design, so when it comes to battery lifespan, your milage may vary (again). 

Glorious Gaming has been around for a long, long time now and their peripherals have always been outstanding. I have used their mousepads and wrist rests for ages now and they give me the right feel and comfort. I’m glad to say that this mentality and approach to hardware manages to retain their mission to provide gamers with a solid experience, and for the $99.99 price tag, which may seem a bit steep at first, is absolutely worth every penny. I cannot recommend this mouse enough. This might be the first time I give this drastic of a conclusion, but the Model I 2should absolutely be the next mouse you buy if you can. It is easier to use, fits my large hands, and most importantly, feels comfortable to use. Glorious understands the tasks at hand, literally, and delivers every single time.

By Steve Esposito

Steve Esposito is a dedicated content creator with a focus on his love for technology, video games, and the very industry that oversees it all. He also takes part in organizing the Long Island Retro and Tabletop Gaming Expo as well as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast: Copper Piece. You can find him on twitter @AgitatedStove

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