Diablo 4 : Season of the Malignant Full Details

The Diablo development team at Blizzard held their latest live-stream today to discuss the details of the upcoming first season for Diablo 4. We’ve captured all of the meaningful details for you below beginning with the season trailer:

Season 1 is titled “Season of the Malignant” and it begins on July 20th. The season will kick off with the first battle pass in Diablo 4 that, like many, has a free and paid path. Fortunately the only difference in the paid path is that it includes special cosmetics (in the form of transmogs). These cosmetic items are class-agnostic and therefore can be used by anyone. But if you’re not into cosmetics, then you can enjoy the full season pass for free.

Like prior Diablos, there will be seasonal characters that you create to enjoy the seasonal content. This is broken out in two ways:

  • Prior to beating the campaign and using your existing characters you can enjoy the updated content that’s coming in the update outside of the season-specific features.
    • These will launch with the update on July 18th and includes new legendaries and uniques along with additional quality of life features.
  • On July 20th the Season of the Malignant will begin with the season pass and features new additions.
    • A new questline featuring malignant powers
    • New boss battle
    • New cosmetics
  • There are a few clarifying points worth calling out for existing players.
    • The seasonal powers, Malignant Hearts, are only usable during the season as a fun way to enhance builds.
    • Your seasonal character will carry all of your renown progress, map clearing, and mount. You simply need to log in with your primary character prior to beginning a seasonal one.
    • You can still engage with 100% of the seasonal content for free. As noted the paid pass only includes additional cosmetics.

For those wondering what the breakdown is between the free, paid, and accelerated pass, it functions quite similar to other games. Here is Blizzard’s breakdown below:

If you’re thinking about jumping into Diablo 4 for the first time, you can find our detailed, spoiler-free review below!

As always if you missed the live-stream, or want some details on the new content for Diablo Immortal, we suggest watching the full VOD from the team!

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