Diablo 4 Director States it Will Take 150+ Hours to Reach Level Cap

We’ve talked a lot about Diablo 4 lately including our full review of the beta along with a long-form discussion during our Bitcast. In the latest developer overview, the team at Blizzard covered some end-game details, builds, loot, and more.

One of the biggest questions from players, though, has been “how long will it take to reach the level 100 cap realistically?”  Well it seems the answer is going to surprise some people. Keep in mind, reaching level 100 in Diablo 4 is really just the beginning of the end-game activities. But even reaching that point is going to be a long journey.

Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director on Diablo 4, responded on Twitter around what players can expect in terms of game-time investment. In short, expect around 150 hours (or more) to reach level cap.

Diablo 4 launches globally on June 6th (June 2nd with the Ultimate Edition) and we’ll have a LOT more on Diablo 4 in the coming weeks so be sure to stay tuned.

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