Report : Sony Developing a New PlayStation Handheld

In a surprise report from Insider Gaming this morning, it appears that Sony is working on a new PlayStation handheld gaming device. Not to be compared to the Vita directly, the new device would be a streaming handheld only meaning you couldn’t play games locally on nor could you purchase physical games.

According to the report, the new handheld is codenamed “Q Lite” and will utilize the Remote Play features of the PlayStation ecosystem. Primarily this means that the game will not play games natively like the Vita, but instead will be of a complimentary device for PS5 owners.

While specifications are obviously not finalized nor confirmed, the report states that it will feature an 8″ 1080p screen and 60fps support while requiring internet connectivity. It will feature similar features to the DualSense such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

According to other rumors, the Q Lite is part of a total “refresh” of the PlayStation ecosystem including a PS5 Pro in late 2024, a PS5 with a detachable hard drive, new headsets, and more.

We’ll be keeping our ear close to the ground on all of these developments but one thing is for sure: The next 18 months could be extremely interesting for PlayStation fans.

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