Zen Studios Details Pinball FX on Steam Along with the April Update

Earlier today, Zen Studios released news about the latest update to Pinball FX. The big news out of the gate is that Pinball FX will finally release on Steam on the 13th of April. This will include all early access tables and all content from other versions, including tables that were just announced, putting the number of total tables to collect and play over 100. Also announced is a cabinet mode that will release with the Steam version alongside news of vertical alignment modes for the console versions of Pinball FX on the same day.

New tables were shown as well, with some being remastered tables from the past, some being brand new, and one being an adored legend of the past finally seeing a Zen Pinball inclusion.

First, Crypt of the NecroDancer Pinball was shown, and it looks to do its namesake justice. Featuring sprite-based targets and rocking beats, the table will emphasize rhythm-based precision on your trek to unearth the highest possible score. That journey will include 6 different zones and an assortment of exciting boss fights, too. And all of that fun will be upon us for all Pinball FX platforms (Epic Games; PS4/PS5; Steam; and Xbox One, Series S/X) on April 13.

Next came an announcement that blew me away: the Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball Pack. This 3-table pack will include Godzilla Pinball, Kong Pinball, and Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball. Each of the tables features a hi-res, digital scoreboard. They are each also highly attractive, using their themes, sounds, and graphics in epic ways, including killer modes of play across all 3 tables. Being able to sink untold hours into a table like Godzilla vs. Kong Pinball is exactly the sort of prospect so many of us pin lovers dream about, so to say that I was giddy at this announcement is a huge (epic?) understatement!

We then were told that the incredible Sorcerer’s Lair table, one of Zen’s originals, along with Fish Tales, a Williams classic, would not only be remastered, but they would also be free to play. These also release on April 13.

Continuing with remastering news, Zen delivered news of more Marvel tables to join the fray in Marvel Pinball Collection 2. The ones mentioned to be in the collection are World War Hulk, Deadpool, Marvel The Avengers, Venom, and Marvel Women of Power Champions. Given that all of these are fantastic, especially World War Hulk, I cannot wait to dive in on April 13 to put up some scores to truly marvel. (yeah, yeah…)

Finally, not to be outdone by the other announcements, Zen unleashed the bombshell that Twilight Zone would soon be upon us. We will soon be transported to another dimension of pinball awesomeness! To understand just how big this inclusion is, look no further than the IPDB, which is the Internet Pinball Database (also known as the Internet Pinball Machine Database), where the Twilight Zone table currently sits at number one. The greatest of all tables will launch, alongside everything else shown today in Pinball FX, on April 13.

So there you have it, epic news about a game that encapsulates the pinnacle of pinball greatness. April 13th will be a date with which all digital pin enthusiasts will be wizarding out on. And, for more news and info on Pinball FX, you’ll find it here at Seasoned Gaming.

By Patrick Shields

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