Capcom Confirms EXOPRIMAL for July 14th, Launches on Xbox Game Pass

As part of Capcom’s presentation yesterday they confirmed that their new online, co-op, dino-hunting action game, EXOPRIMAL, launches on July 14th. The game will launch on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC while also releasing on day one on Game Pass.

The synopsis is just as wild as you would expect:

Exoprimal™  is a team-based action game pioneering a new co-op experience with a competitive edge. The story takes place in 2040, when dinosaurs mysteriously return and cause havoc across the globe. Wield futuristic power armor known as Exosuits to fight back and save humanity.  Take on countless dinosaurs while racing to complete missions before rival units in 5v5 matches. Work with teammates and utilize Exosuits’ unique arsenals and special abilities to overcome overwhelming odds.

The game features a story mode along with another mode titled “Dino Survival” which is described as follows:

In Dino Survival, two squads of five race to complete objectives. Teams must follow Leviathan’s directives and complete the mission before their rivals to win. Some situations pit players against one another in direct combat, and others require players to band together with their rivals to take down a major foe. In Dino Survival, the missions change based on players’ progression through the game. The experience will be different with each match, even in matches with familiar surroundings and objectives. Players can unlock story sequences by playing Dino Survival and also earn rewards such as experience points to increase player and exosuit levels.

Exosuits play a big role in the game and come in three variations. At launch there will be 10 different exosuits to choose from.

  • Assault : Assault exosuits focus on dealing damage to enemies with close, medium, or long-range attacks. Although exact loadouts differ, each assault exosuit is equipped with weapons and abilities tailored to its effective combat range. Use the best weapon for the situation and eradicate whatever stands in your way.
  • Tank : Tank exosuits specialize in protecting their allies by drawing enemy attacks and absorbing damage. Whether they’re holding back a massive horde or stopping relentless dinosaur attacks, tank exosuits will form your team’s first line of defense.
  • Support : Support exosuits use a variety of abilities to ensure the team’s survival. While the ability to repair allied exosuits is most common, support exosuits are also equipped with a range of buffing and debuffing abilities. Support exosuits use these abilities to improve a team’s combat effectiveness and accomplish objectives even faster.

Rigs meanwhile, act as the weaponry for your exosuit. Rigs grant exosuits additional abilities, but only one may be equipped at a time. For example, the Zephyr exosuit excels at close quarters combat but has trouble with foes that attack from long-distance. Equipping it with the Cannon rig will enable Zephyr to use a long-range laser. Or, equip Roadblock with the Aid rig to provide healing and create a formidable front line of defense. Players can experiment with different combinations of rigs and exosuits to find their ideal playstyle. Both rigs and exosuits can be changed at any time.

With a dedicated story mode, PvE and PvP modes, character customization, class-based play, and more, EXOPRIMAL is shaping up to be a rather large experience. Stay tuned for more on it in the near future. And if you’d like to play it as soon as possible, you can participate in the open beta from March 17th – 20th!  You can also find the extended gameplay preview from Capcom below!

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