Battlefield 2042 Season 3 : Escalation Full Details

Despite a very rough launch and underperforming against expectations, the team(s) at DICE continue to evolve Battlefield 2042. Next week marks the launch of Season 3 on November 22nd. Titled “Escalation”, it brings a new map and map reworks, new weaponry, a new battle pass, and more. Let’s get into the details.

Here are the core additions and updates you can expect with Escalation:

  • Players will be able to take the fight to the untamed wilderness in Sweden with the new map, Spearhead, featuring semi-automated manufacturing facilities of high tech weaponry.
  • New Egyptian-born Specialist and security expert Zain is adept at flushing foes out of cover with his XM370A Airburst Rifle. With his perseverance under pressure helping him lead on the front lines, Zain can immediately recharge his health after taking out an enemy.
  • Multiple weapons and a Battlefield-classic throwable are also on the Season 3 roster; high damage and more tactical stakes are the name of the game with these additions. The Rorsch Mk-4 Railgun launches unbelievably fast projectiles and features multiple firing modes, meaning players who can master its charging times will find versatility and power in this cutting-edge weapon. The double-barreled, semi-automatic NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun is compact and nimble enough for users to be able to ambush in close quarters situations. The long barreled NVK-P125 Bullpup Pistol is an ideal sidearm for long distance encounters. Beyond guns, Throwing Knives are coming to Battlefield 2042 arsenals this season as well.
  • The multi-moded EMKV90-TOR Tank offers an adaptable way to move across the combat zone, wreaking havoc in the process. The EMKV90-TOR has two modes: Mobility Mode, emphasizing swiftness, and Siege Mode, which slows the tank down to a crawl, but allows it to deal immense damage. In addition, this tank features a special system that detects the source of incoming attacks within a range, and displays them in the HUD.
  • In addition to the Battle Pass, New Assignments will offer more Vault Weapons, such as the XM8 and A-91, with even more to come in future Season 3 updates.
  • Updates coming later in Season 3: Escalation include the highly-anticipated Specialist rework, featuring the move to a Class-based system and a set of balance adjustments, as well as reworkings of the Manifest and Breakaway launch maps.

Additionally, Battlefield 2042 will be free-to-play on all platforms for a limited time throughout December.

  • On Xbox, from December 1, 12:01 AM PT through December 4, 11:59 PM PT.
  • On Steam, from December 1, 10 AM PT through December 5, 10 AM PT.
  • On PlayStation, from December 16, 8 AM PT through December 23, 8 AM PT.

Our Take

Battlefield 2042 got off to an absolutely terrible start but we appreciate the teams working hard to realize its potential. Will you be checking out Escalation? Let us know!

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