Marvel Snap Warriors of Wakanda : Full Details on the Expansion

Having just gotten off to a roaring start after leaving beta a few weeks ago, Marvel Snap has just launched its latest season: Warriors of Wakanda. It is perhaps unsurprising that this season will be centered around the land of Wakanda as the sequel to the first MCU film to win an Academy Award, Black Panther, is releasing this week.

Included in the expansion is new variant art for pre-existing Wakandan cards Okoye and Nakia and a brand-new card for the Black Panther himself, T’Challa. The Black Panther is a 5-cost, 4-power card whom On Reveal will double its power. This coincidentally combos extremely well with the other Wakandan natives Okoye and Nakia who buff cards before they are played. The Black Panther can be immediately unlocked as part of the premium pass or for free from collection level ups when it is added to pool three in January 2023.

The Premium Pass also includes new customization options, 240 boosters across the three Wakandan cards, 900 gold, and 400 credits. Fear not though as free to play users will still have a lot to gain with the free tracks offering 2200 credits, 75 random boosters, and a random mystery card variant. Also, the ranked ladder will be reset allowing you to gain more rewards. Finally, the new season-long quest chain launched its first chapter today. Titled “Drink the Heart-Shaped Herb”, upon completion it will help you progress through the season very quickly.

Wakanda itself is an extremely iconic place within the Marvel universe so it already had its own location which prevents any cards being played there from being destroyed. However, that doesn’t mean this new season will be without any new additional locations. Warriors of Wakanda will also introduce four new locations from within Wakanda such as Shuri’s lab, Vibranium Mines, Wakanda Throne Room, and The Warrior Falls where T’Challa squared off against Kilmonger in the film.

Warriors of Wakanda is the first of many updates in developer Second Dinner‘s ambitious plan to release a new Marvel Snap season every month. This not only keeps things fresh but also continuously creates an avenue for players to progress in the game for free. Each will feature new challenges, new seasonal chapters, new ranked progression, new rewards. All of this makes every session feel like you are making progress without having to pay for it. This is a big reason why Marvel Snap is one of the most free-to-play friendly games of its kind.

Be sure to check out the developer diary released alongside of the new season below where art director Jomaro Kindred talks about what goes into designing a Marvel Snap card. Finally, for more on Marvel Snap be sure to check out our full review here. Otherwise I’ll see you in Wakanda!

By Eric Bezanson

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