Forza Horizon 5 : 10 Year Anniversary Update Details

The latest update is rolling out for Forza Horizon 5 today. Celebrating 10 years of Forza Horizon, the update includes new achievements, cars, music, events, and more. Here are the full details from Playground Games!

Game Fixes & Release Notes

Every month, Forza Horizon 5 receives new game fixes and quality-of-life improvements as part of its series updates, and the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary update is no different.

Here’s a look at some of the most notable changes that you can look forward to:

  • We’ve fixed an issue with EventLab props disappearing after publishing Blueprints with a high-prop count. Creators will need to edit and republish those Blueprints to ensure the number of props is in line with the budget limitation displayed on-screen, which is now functioning as intended.
  • We’re making improvements to how the Club Tag is surfaced for players, so it more reliably shows in-game beside their Gamertag. This change only affects players who are present in a Club.
  • We’ve calmed the intense camera shake that could occur while driving since the release of the Series 10 Update.
  • Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels has received physics improvements for certain cars that could detach from the magnet at high-speed.
  • ASL and BSL cinematics have been added to the Hot Wheels Horizon Story.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with force-feedback load sensitivity that caused the steering wheel to pull to the right.
  • Compatibility has been added for the Logitech G Pro Steering Wheel.
  • An issue where there was little to no sound for cars introduced in the Horizon Road Trip update for some players has been fixed.
  • On PC, we’ve fixed incorrect instances of the “Drivers are wrong” error message being displayed. Also, terrain deformation should now work as intended for AMD GPU users.
  • An issue that caused black pixels to appear on-screen for players with TAA enabled has been fixed.

Horizon Origins

Take a trip down memory lane with Bass Arena disc jockey Scott Tyler in Horizon Origins, the newest Horizon Story in Forza Horizon 5 that celebrates the history of the Forza Horizon series.

Across five chapters, relive some of the series’ most iconic gameplay moments starting with Forza Horizon 5 as you go back in time. Complete all chapters and you’ll unlock the 2013 Dodge SRT Viper GTS Anniversary Edition, a unique variant that pays homage to the original Forza Horizon cover car.

Midnight Battles

Mexico’s Street Scene is about to evolve as the adrenaline-fueled Midnight Battles mode is coming to Forza Horizon 5. First originated in Australia, these head-to-head races will reward the competitor’s car to the player if they successfully win.

A new Midnight Battle is unlocked for every four victories you have in the Street Scene following the release of the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary update – a total of 16 race wins are required to unlock them all.

If you’d like to break some world records, all Midnight Battle routes will also be available in the Rivals section for you to set your best lap times on.

Horizon Mixtape

Great music is at the heart of the Horizon Festival. No road-trip is complete without an iconic playlist, and the Forza Horizon games have always offered a curated selection of unforgettable songs across its diverse line-up of radio stations to enrich your driving adventures.

To celebrate 10 years of driving to incredible music, Forza Horizon 5’s radio dial is set to receive a new permanent station. Hosted by Bass Arena disc jockey Scott Tyler, the Horizon Mixtape brings together some of the greatest music featured in the Forza Horizon series over the years.

Unlock new songs for the Horizon Mixtape by completing Accolades as part of the Horizon Origins Story and expand your playlist with the iconic music that featured in previous Horizon start screens by winning the relevant Seasonal Championships on the Festival Playlist.

Song Artist Game Radio Station
A Moment Apart ODESZA Forza Horizon 4 Horizon Bass Arena
Aurora (feat. Metrik) Camo & Krooked Forza Horizon 3 Hospital Records
Bored To Death blink-182 Forza Horizon 3 Vagrant Records
Constellations – FH3 VIP Mix Fred V & Grafix Forza Horizon 3 Hospital Records
Dawnbreaker Metrik Forza Horizon 4 Hospital Records
Fly Marshmello Forza Horizon 4 Horizon Bass Arena
Get It Right The Offspring Forza Horizon 3 Epitaph Records
Language Porter Robinson Forza Horizon Horizon Bass Arena
Levels (Skrillex Mix) Avicii Forza Horizon Horizon Bass Arena
Nocturne Keeno Forza Horizon 2 Horizon Bass Arena
Show Me A Sign Modestep Forza Horizon Horizon Bass Arena
Slipstream Metrik Forza Horizon 2 Hospital Records
Sunrise Fred V & Grafix Forza Horizon 4 Hospital Records
Tied To You (feat. Justin Tranter) The Knocks Forza Horizon 3 Horizon Pulse
Ingrid Is A Hybrid Dusky Forza Horizon 3 Horizon Bass Arena

Festival Playlist

The Festival Playlist in Forza Horizon 5 celebrates 10 years of the Horizon Festival with a classic Horizon game in the spotlight each week as well as tailored activities and rewards.

While you check out the latest events, listen out for a familiar voice as Horizon Bass Arena DJ Scott Tyler is on standby to announce what’s happening on the Festival Playlist.

You’ll also be able to launch into the first chapter of the Horizon Origins Story directly from the Festival Playlist. This is the Series Intro of the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary, and upon its completion, you’ll unlock access to the rest of the Horizon Story.

New Achievements

New opportunities to increase your Gamerscore in Forza Horizon 5 are coming alongside the Horizon 10-Year Anniversary update. Here’s a look at the eight new achievements for both Xbox and Steam:

And that’s not all. There are new cosmetics, an evolving world to celebrate the anniversary, new accolades, and more. Be sure to visit the main site on for all of the details!

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