Apex Legends Teases Season 14 : Hunted

As Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors nears its end after bringing us the new Defender Legend, Newcastle, fans are looking ahead to what comes next. Today the team at Respawn have rewarded those eager eyes with a just a taste of what’s to come. The latest episode of Apex Legends overarching narrative series, Stories from the Outlands, is now live and with it comes the reveal of the next legend to join the Apex Games, Vantage.

The name vantage appeared in a database leak not to long ago, and had this to say about her kit. Keep in mind that although this leak has been accurate about many things so far, it is still a leak and therefore not in any way guaranteed to be accurate.

Vantage will be a sniper-focused hero who can teleport to a “winged companion.” She can also apparently read information on enemies using a scope, and has a special rifle for marking and scanning enemies.

Its not uncommon for Legends to have their kits based around an affinity for a specific weapon type as Mad Maggie and Rampart’s kits are based around Shotguns and Light Machine Guns respectively. So having a legend centered around sniper rifles would be par for the course and, in my opinion, quite interesting. It remains to be seen whether Vantage will be a Support, Recon, or Offensive Legend. However seeing that the last Support Legend to release was Loba over two years ago, many are hoping she will in fact end up being a Support.

The Apex Legends website also has revealed the new season will contain a rework to the games original map, Kings Canyon, a long awaited player level cap increase and of course a brand new battle pass. An official launch trailer is expected to go live on July 27th with more information, and Respawn has also promised to reveal even more as we get closer to Season 14’s release date of August 9th.

Will you be jumping into Apex Legends: Hunted? Let us know in the comments below!

By Eric Bezanson

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