Tell Me Why is Free on Xbox and Steam for the Month of June

Revealed by the games developer DONTNOD via the games official twitter account , the critically acclaimed narrative adventure game, Tell Me Why, will be free during the month of June. This is in support of Pride month and is the second time the developers have done this. As noted in a releated blog post on the games official website, the team at Xbox Publishing will also be donating $25,000 USD each to Transgender Law Center and Trans Lifeline, two non-profit organizations providing resources and crisis support for trans people in the United States (also if you missed it, Xbox is supporting Pride in numerous ways). More from the blog post:

It’s important to us to acknowledge that since last June, the United States has seen an unprecedented rise in transphobic violence and anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation. This year’s research from the Trevor Project has found that 79% of trans boys/men, 71% of trans girls/women, and 79% of nonbinary/genderqueer youth have experienced symptoms of anxiety over the past year, with the hostile political climate and isolation from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as major causes

Tell Me Why made history when it included the first transgender protagonist to appear in a video game from a major studio, with the developers going as far as to cast a transgender voice actor to play them, and also work closely with GLADD to ensure the character was as authentic as possible. Seasoned Gaming’s own Angela Gerric reviewed Tell Me Why when it released back in 2020 and had this to say:

So, all in all, Tell Me Why is a fun, story-telling video game with memorable protagonists. I’m satisfied with the ending I received. There was nothing I would go back and change as far as decisions I made because I accept responsibility for the actions I made my characters take, and also I feel the game answered the questions I had.

Check out Angela’s full review here

By Eric Bezanson

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