No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition Adds Timeloop Roguelike Elements

The latest free update for No Man’s Sky launches today. Titled “Leviathan”, it adds a new gameplay mode that is something new for No Man’s Sky as it contains roguelike elements.

According to the press release from Hello Games:

Leviathan is very different to anything we’ve done before. It is more roguellike, with players caught in a time-loop. Players start together on an expedition, and each time they die, they lose their progress, but help the community try to break free from this loop together.

Difficulty has been turned up in a variety of ways, but every death means a reset of the loop and a new proc-gen loadout. To make it easier to complete the eventual goal of breaking out of the loop with just one life, the community can work together on a persistent, global goal that permanently improves the quality and frequency of upgrade rewards found during each loop.

There are several rewards that players can earn along the way including the first “living” frigate which acts as your personal space whale. For those who aren’t aware, it’s been a long-running joke in the NMS community that the game was missing space whales. So that’s exactly why Hello Games added them. You love to see it.

By Seasoned Gaming

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