Diablo Immortal Release Date and PC Version Announced

When Diablo Immortal was first revealed long ago at Blizzcon 2018, it was a bit of a nightmare. Highlighted by a red shirt guy comparing the announcement to an out of season April fools joke, and of course the infamous “do you not have phones” quote. Since then the team working on the game, lead by Wyatt Cheng, has gone somewhat dark to focus on their possible redemption arc. The game was beta tested to a select group of people over a year ago and has left mostly good impressions with those who have tried it. However, during these test phases the monetization aspects were not implemented, leading many to be cautiously optimistic of its eventual release.

Well, we wont have to wait much longer as Blizzard have revealed today that everyone will be able to get their hands on Diablo Immortal on June 2nd! In a surprise twist they also revealed that the previously mobile-only title will in fact have a PC version, with cross play support! The PC version will also be coming on June 2nd, albeit in open beta form.

Will this game manage to overcome its rough original reveal? Check out the full reveal trailer below and stay tuned to Seasoned Gaming for our full review.

By Eric Bezanson

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