Gran Turismo 7 Remains Nearly Unplayable After Maintenance

Yesterday evening, update 1.07 was released for Gran Turismo 7 which was to be followed by a short maintenance window overnight. As of this writing however, Gran Turismo 7 servers are still not functioning and the game remains nearly unplayable.

According to the GT team, there was an issue with update 1.07 which has caused further delay. The maintenance was expected to conclude by 5am EST, but as of this publishing the servers are still down with no ETA. The latest update from the GT team was posted several hours ago:

While this normally wouldn’t be a massive issue for a game, it seems that Gran Turismo 7 requires a server connection for nearly all of its content. Right now players are met with an error message, followed by a very long loading screen, and then extremely limited options for play.

As you can see above, none of the gameplay pavilions are able to be accessed, nor tuning, car purchasing, licensing, etc…  We hope that this is something worked on in the future by Polyphony Digital to allow players more access should the servers be taken offline. As it stands, players are left waiting to play their single player campaign.

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