YouTuber “MyNameIsByf” Creates Animated Destiny Fan Film for The Witch Queens Launch.

Affectionately known in the Destiny community as “LoreDaddy”, MyNameIsByf has been at the center of Destiny’s lore since before the original game released. Starting in early 2013, he has been producing some of the highest quality lore videos the community has ever seen. A service tat is pretty important for a game that is so rich with lore but had often struggled to present it in-game.

Byf’s videos have always been top notch, both in terms of presentation and content, which is why his channel has grown to nearly 1 million subscribers. Some of his greatest hits include: The feature length complete story of “The Last Word and Thorn” exotic hand-cannons and the 4-hour epic “Complete Story of Destiny – Origin’s to Shadowkeep”.  If that was not impressive enough, MyNameIsByf has just released his biggest project yet.

Titled “Dynasty” this 2-hour animated film contains a mixtures of in-game machinima and custom artwork and animations. The film tells the complete story of “Savathun” the Witch Queen, primary antagonist for the upcoming Destiny expansion releasing today. Although it is not associated with Bungie, it is based entirely of the per-established lore Bungie has released both in-game, online, and in its published books/comics. However the crew has taken some liberties with the source material in order to convert it into an actual story and script. Checkout the synopsis and full length film below:

Discover the complete story of Destiny 2’s Witch Queen “Savathun”. Listen to the tale of our greatest enemies! The Hive and The Osmium Dynasty! From the Deep lore of The Books of Sorrow, to the Legends of Oryx The Taken King, Dynasty covers the complete story of Destiny’s greatest villains!

By Eric Bezanson

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