Destiny 2 : Light in the Darkness ViDoc Overview

Destiny Awaits

Bungie has released a new ViDoc ahead of the launch of its most ambitious expansion, The Witch Queen. In the ViDoc they provide a lot of insight into what we can expect from the new “Definitively Destiny” Campaign.

Described as the most ambitious campaign in Bungie’s history (note: this is not limited to only Destiny), The Witch Queen campaign squares you off against one of the most anticipated big-bads in series history, Savathun – The Witch Queen. Savathun commands an army called her “Lucent Brood” which is made up of light-baring hive who will be using the same light-based powers on us that we have been dishing out out to them since 2014. The campaign will see us travel to her throne world and put a stop to whatever it is she is planning. They promised a campaign full of surprises, both in the story and mechanically, as you will be doing a lot more than simply shooting all the space monsters.

Coming in at nearly 15 minutes long, the ViDoc also touched on things like:

  • The legendary campaign difficulty which was a mainstay in the Halo games but a first for Destiny
  • The new glaive weapon
  • Weapon crafting, which they did a deep dive on during last weeks TWAB
  • New Exotics, including class specific exotic weapons making a return
  • A revamp to the void subclass for Titans, Warlocks and Hunters
  • The new season, Season of the Risen
  • and more!

To see the ViDoc in its entirety checkout the full presentation below:

Our Take

The Witch Queen is shaping up to be a turning point for the future of Destiny as everything they have shown so far has been music to the ears for us, as well as the community at large. As long time fans of Bungie, we want to see them build the epic campaigns we remember from the Halo days. As long time fans of Destiny we want to see the world and its sandbox grow.

The Witch Queen is looking like it could deliver on both of these fronts in a major way. The Witch Queen expansion was delayed from its original fall 2021 release and it has been six months since the last season kicked off. At the end of the ViDoc they state that “we’ve got more destiny coming this year then any other year before, its one of the most ambitious releases we’ve ever put together and the team is firing on all cylinders” and that has got this grizzled guardian very, very excited. See you all star side, Feb 22nd!

By Eric Bezanson

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