Ghostwire Tokyo Details and Release Date Leak

Ghostwire Tokyo, the new IP from legendary horror-game director Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil) and Tango Gameworks, is reportedly set to launch next month according to a new leak.

The leak comes courtesy of a journalist for Rock, Paper, Shotgun article that was apparently set to go live at a later date. According to the report, Ghostwire Tokyo is set to launch on March 23rd for the PS5. The details of the game are as follows:

  • In the center of the game’s plot is the Japanese Akito, who was possessed by the spirit of a demon hunter. Akito uses this to free Tokyo from the evil youkai spirits that have taken over the city. A ghost that has moved into Akito gives him advice, talks about yokai and cheers him up.
  • Akito’s enemies include headless schoolgirls with bows and arrows, women with very long arms armed with large scissors, faceless businessmen with umbrellas.
  • In battle, the main character uses a special technique called Weaving (weaving, weaving). With its help, he inflicts blows on the spirits, parries their attacks and draws the essence from them with a golden thread.
  • Akito will be able to use various elemental attacks, kill spirits with stealth, and use weapons such as archery. The arrows will run out.
  • There will be boss battles in the game.
  • Damage will not be fixed with numbers and health bars. Instead, the spirits will change appearance: umbrellas will be torn, and so on.
  • Residents of Tokyo will wander the streets as ghosts. Akito would need to capture them and place them in katashiro paper dolls, then send them out of the city via payphones to restore their human form.
  • You can buy katashiro and replenish other supplies in shops where floating youkai cats trade instead of people.

We will have a lot more on Ghostwire Tokyo in the coming weeks presuming the release date is accurate and solid. Stay tuned!

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