Zenimax Online Reveals a Refreshing New Direction for The Elder Scrolls Online

In a recent preview event, Zenimax Online Studios revealed The Legacy of the Bretons Year Long Saga, which will contain a years worth of content for the to popular Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) MMO. The first DLC coming in March will contain two new dungeons and will set the narrative stage for the major chapter release this June, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle.


High Isle takes place in the beautiful Systres Archipelago, a Mediterranean inspired feudal society ruled by noble Breton houses of great wealth and political power. It will be the first time this location has been mentioned inside The Elder Scrolls since The Elder Scrolls Redguard back in 1998. The Isles are to be used as a staging ground for peace talks to end the three flags war, which has been raging since the game’s release. It is also the justification for the game’s main player-chosen factions and PvP modes. Of course being an Elder Scrolls game, there is an opposing force looking to sow chaos into this gathering of factions. However unlike past expansions, and the majority of all multiplayer games for that matter, you will not be facing a world ending cosmic threat. Instead the game is going back to its roots, with the main story conflicts revolving around political subterfuge. Think more Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings.

In terms of new gameplay features, players can expect a year-long campaign (these are typically 20-30 hours long), new quests, new gear, new delves (solo dungeons), group dungeons, and trials (raids). Players can also look forward to two new companions.

Introduced in the previous Backwood expansion, companions work very similarly to those found in Skyrim where they tag along with you on your solo adventures, and help with the games more difficult combat scenarios. However they also have their own personalities, can be levelled up, collect gear, and be customized just like a player can be. The new companions coming to ESO include Ember the Khajiit sorcerer, and Isobel Velois the Breton knight.

There is another stand out gameplay addition and that is Tales of Tribute. Tales of Tribute is a new collectible card game being added to the world of ESO, and from the looks of things seems to offer quite a lot. The game will be played in the taverns spread across the game world and will feature its own single player story-line as well as a PvP mode. You will gain access to four unique card decks to start, and then have the opportunity to acquire more cards as your progress through the games story, or as rewards from other activities throughout the game. All of this is very similar to the wildly praised addition to the Witcher 3, Gwent. Although a full reveal of Tales of Tribute is coming soon, they did say it has more of a resource building focus (like Gwent) vs a combat one (Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering).

Elder Scrolls Online’s base game now includes the Morrowind chapter for free, has removed content level requirements, no longer requires a subscription fee, and was recently upgraded for next-gen consoles. The game is also included in Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass PC and PlayStation Now, so there has never been a better time to jump in. The Year of the Bretons kicks off on March 14th for PC, and March 29th for consoles, with High Isle set to arrive in June. For more information, checkout the full reveal event below!

By Eric Bezanson

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