After Elden Ring, From Software is Seemingly Returning to Armored Core

The hype train for Elden Ring is full speed ahead and we could not be more excited for the next major title from From Software. If our playtest experience is anything to go on, it’s going to be very special indeed. However, many have wondered where From Software is going after Elden Ring. Rumors have seemed to indicate Armored Core returning and thanks to a new survey that was sent to a select group of players, that is seemingly correct.

The last mainline Armored Core title, Armored Core 5, was released nearly a decade ago in 2012. But according to a posted on ResetEra, the IP will be returning soon. According to the post, From has provided some details on a new entry in the Armored Core franchise alongside two very brief sample gameplay clips. While the clips were not shared (we will update if they are), the details are as follows:

Our Take

We’re hugely excited by this news as Armored Core was not only a fun, unique experience, but could likely benefit greatly from modern technology. The game is seemingly further along than we anticipated as well. We can’t wait to hear more details in the future!

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