Halo Infinite Multiplayer Goes Live Early : Full Details

As speculated, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has gone live today as a surprise at the end of Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebration. After a show filled with memories and nostalgia, 343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross took the stage to talk about Halo Infinite. Tom French, Infinite Multiplayer’s Associate Creative Director, then announced that Season 1, Heroes of Reach, would go live today.

Here are the details to know:

  • The Halo Infinite multiplayer client is free to play and can be downloaded on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Steam, and Windows PC. It’s about 26gb in size.
  • The first paid battle pass is Heroes of Reach and will cost you $10 in credit (bought from the store).  It features 100 levels with a wide range of unlockables for both free players and paid battle pass members.
    • A premium bundle is available for $28 which includes the battle pass and enough XP to unlock 25 of the 100 levels.
  • There are stores for additional items including an HCS storefront to support your favorite team.
    • To celebrate launch, there is a free HCS themed armor coating you can get from the HCS store as well.

As of this writing, Halo Infinite is already the most concurrently played Xbox title in Steam history with nearly 200,000 players (and climbing). It passes Halo The Master Chief Collection. This does not include Xbox nor Windows PC users.

We’ll have a lot more on Halo Infinite in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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