Forza Horizon 5 Surpasses Five Million Players at Launch

Forza Horizon 5 has been a resounding success for Xbox Game Studios. With over one million players enjoying early access on Friday, the game has now officially passed five million players since officially launching yesterday (5.12 million as of this writing).

After being named the highest rated game of the year on Open Critic, and being the first 10 we’ve handed out since 2018 in our review, it’s clear that Playground Games has created something special. Not only can we not wait to see what they do next with Forza Horizon, but we’re more excited than ever for Fable now!

By Ainsley Bowden (Porshapwr)

Founder of, avid game collector and enthusiast since the Atari 2600 era. You can find me online or on Twitter as Porshapwr as well. Thanks for checking out Seasoned Gaming!

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