Halo Infinite PC Overview : LAN Parties, Ray Tracing, and More

This morning 343 Industries provided the latest look at the development of the PC version of Halo Infinite. According to the teams, the PC version of Infinite has been built from the ground up, and features many customization and gameplay options. Here’s what the game will feature when it releases on December 8th.

The video demonstrated several aspects of Halo Infinite for PC, some of which also carry to console. Here are the highlights:

  • Extensive options for graphics, audio, FPS, accessibility, and more.
  • Many options are slider-based and not just a group of static settings.
  • Ultrawide (21:9) resolution is supported and developed for natively. It’s not simply stretched and no part of the vertical image is removed.
    • This includes HUD customization as well.
  • Extensive key-binding options with up to 3 functions per button.
  • Extremely low-latency input – some of the lowest of any game in the industry.
  • Anti-cheat is included at launch. But there is no DRM.
  • Full crossplay across all platforms with profile save/customization carrying with you instantly.
  • KB/Mouse and Controller have been tuned in unison. But the game will also feature Ranked playlists for controller, KB/Mouse, and full crossplay.
  • LAN servers are available for local play/tournaments.
  • Integration across the many PC apps including Discord, Steam, Windows Game Bar, etc…
  • Razer partnership includes keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset. Custom chroma settings included at launch.
  • Ray tracing is a priority and will be updated into the game post-launch.
  • The special edition AMD 6900XT Halo Infinite version is not for sale but there will be ways to get one from 343 and AMD directly.

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