Crossfire X Developer Update Provides Details on the Xbox Exclusive

We’ve been hearing about Crossfire X for a couple of years now. Still scheduled for 2021, the latest developer update provides a look at the multiplayer side with improvements to the overall graphical fidelity, “enhanced tactical growth”, and some map overviews in video form.

First up were some comparison shots between the multiplayer maps during the beta period and now. There’s a noticeable upgrade in lighting, shadow quality, and more.

Further demonstrating the maps, the team provided video looks at Babylon, Invasion, and Babylon Lab.

“Enhanced Tactical Growth” is a feature in the multiplayer that allows players to pick perks as a match evolves. This is being enhanced further.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to discuss an in-game mechanic, the Tactical Growth system. In certain CFX modes, players will be able to choose player upgrades that last throughout that round only. Upgrades can focus on offense such as increased damage, defense such as equipping a tactical shield and recovery such as health regeneration. This allows players to react to the current round situation and adapt where necessary.

Previously, there were two phases in a round where players had the option to select a tactical growth perk. We have strengthened this feature and expanded it to include a third phase. Here players can transform into a legendary mercenary – including one called the “Boogieman”.

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