Battlefield 2042 Showcase : Crossplay, Cross-Progression, Specialists, and More Details

As we approach closer to the technical playtest of Battlefield 2042, which is due later this summer, the team at DICE is sharing more details for players beyond what we published previously.

First up is specialists of which the game will feature 10 at launch. So far, only 4 have been shown (Mackay, Falck, Boris, and Casper). Today’s showcase didn’t show off anything further, but the team said a deeper look is coming soon.

Each of their Specialities and Traits are unique to that character. For example, Falck’s trait can revive allies back to full health. She also has the ability to revive her squad (though it doesn’t bring back a player’s full health status). Loadouts and class restrictions, meanwhile, are no longer. Players will be able to mix-and-match to their heart’s content including their weapons, equipment, and grenade.

Senior Design Director Daniel Berlin elaborated:

Specialists now have the ability to fully customize their Loadout, which means you have to make a choice about your focus on the battlefield. For example, you could opt for a Carl Gustaf M5, which is a unguided rocket launcher effective against vehicles at mid range. Or would you instead like an anti-air approach via the FIM-33 AA Missile? Choosing a more explosive approach for your Equipment slot would mean you won’t be able to carry a Medical Crate, or a Supply Crate, and thus leaves you without health or ammo replenishing options. So choose wisely.

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Battlefield 2042 have been regarding the different platforms, player counts, crossplay, etc. According to the team at DICE, here are the specifics:

  • PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles will feature the full 128 player lobbies.
    • These platforms will also feature crossplay with one another, though players can opt out should they so choose.
  • Xbox One and PS4 platforms will be limited to 64 player lobbies, though they will feature all of the other features of the other platforms including destruction, storms, and more.
    • Xbox One and PS4 platforms will feature crossplay as well but only between one another.
  • Cross-progression/save works across all platforms.

The game also features A.I. Bots in various forms and they will be featured even in “full” multiplayer modes. There is no way to opt-out of having bots in the 128 player modes.

  • Multiplayer : AI soldiers are used for server-filling capabilities, making it easier for you to matchmake when you want to play. Players always have priority over AI when playing multiplayer.
  • Co-Op : Allows you to play together with friends, against AI soldiers.
  • Solo : If you wish to perfect your skills for multiplayer, you can even play alone against AI soldiers.

There are many more details that DICE shared today via their Battlefield Briefing. You can find the full run down here.

Our Take

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be something very special. We have concerns that it will be delivered in “full” at launch without technical issue, but we obviously hope for the best. If we have one concern, it’s that at all times there will be bots in matches. While not a big deal to the vast majority of the population (most likely), it has been a topic of discussion among hardcore PvP players and their validity. No matter what, we can’t wait for the technical test later this summer!

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