Sega and Relic Entertainment Announce Company of Heroes 3

This morning, IGN had an exclusive reveal of Company of Heroes 3, which will be published by Sega and developed by Relic Entertainment.

Relic provided a lot of details on the game and what players can expect. You can find a full breakdown here and we’ve summarized some of the core details along with the cinematic trailer below. You can also visit the game’s main site here to sign-up for an alpha preview. The game is currently scheduled to release on PC in late 2022.

In the summer of 1943, the Allies launch Operation Husky, starting a thrust to remove Italy from the war and weaken the Axis. The Allied forces, composed of American and Commonwealth troops (alongside international allies), engage in a long and arduous campaign that, despite the surrender of the Italian Army, will last well into 1945. As a player, will you recreate history or redefine it? Make the hard decisions that leaders made by choosing who, where and how to deploy companies. Lead your soldiers into battle and make them heroes. 


Company of Heroes 3 will launch with more playable factions than any previous title in the series. While some factions such as the US and Wehrmacht forces have appeared in previous games, each army’s roster and their mechanics are quite different this time. We’re also including vehicles, weapons, and abilities that are brand new to the franchise, including many that feature Italian soldiers and technology.

Core Gameplay 

The exciting tactical gameplay of Company of Heroes returns with many improvements. Core mechanics like cover, suppression, and True Sight have been refined, while our garrisons and building destruction are vastly improved. New vehicle armor mechanics augment the value of flanking, and updates to terrain sight-blocking and shot-blocking create more realistic combat; Italy’s verticality gives players plenty of opportunity to take the high ground and fire down on opponents to gain an advantage. Additionally, we have added new tools to deal with troublesome enemy-occupied buildings, such a breach – a cinematic means to evict the enemy and take a building for yourself.

Dynamic Campaign Map 

The biggest addition to Company of Heroes 3, the dynamic campaign map, reshapes the single-player experience into a reactive, player-driven narrative based on strategic choices, non-linear exploration, and nuanced interactions with allied commanders who need your help to achieve their goals.

Campaign Companies 

On the dynamic campaign map, order companies to secure key cities, ports, and airfields. Improve and customize your companies with powerful upgrades and abilities. Deploy American Airborne and Special Forces companies, British Artillery and Armoured companies, and many more.


As before, squads can earn veterancy in combat to unlock powerful abilities and buffs. Deal damage to enemies to gain experience and rank up. Preserve veteran squads for a distinct advantage in the late game. Veterancy also plays a role on our dynamic campaign map, but that’s a topic for another time.


In multiplayer and skirmish modes, select from a set of battlegroups that feature devastating abilities. Call in Airborne Paratroopers or Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager. Call in a barrage from 25-pounder artillery or a Stuka bombing run. Deploy a hulking Churchill or Tiger tank to crush the enemy’s defensive line. Battlegroups are focused, balanced, and curated. Every player has access to the same weapons of war.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Company of Heroes 3 will launch with more maps than any previous game. Our maps cover a variety of locales and have been developed in collaboration with community map makers to ensure a balanced experience.

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