Halo Infinite : Monthly Update Examines Customization and Multiplayer Seasons

Today the team at 343 Industries provided players even more detail on the multiplayer aspects of Halo Infinite in their monthly update beginning with this incredible shot…


The Inside Infinite for June focused on details around the battle passes, progression, and the companion app, along with some ancillary information. We’ll cover the high-level information below but as always, if you want every details we recommend visiting the Halo Waypoint post.

In this month’s edition, we’re fortunate to be joined by some members of the Live Team, and a whole crew from the Halo Waypoint Team. Up first, we chat with some names you might already know, Ryan Paradis (Live Team Design Director, Halo Infinite) and Christopher Blohm (Lead Progression Designer, Halo Infinite). This time around they expand on what to expect once Halo Infinite goes live, with some additional intel on Seasons and Events.

  • Seasons will last 3 months
    • Within each season will be new content nearly every week
  • Season 1 will feature items for both new and veteran players
    • Free and paid battle pass tracks, challenges, skill rewards, event rewards, legacy rewards, and campaign unlockables will all be featured
  • Events will be featured with activities and free reward tracks
  • “Fractures” will be special events that lean into Halo canon and offer special unlockables
  • Customization is extensive and will be featured more soon

Halo Waypoint will be the central resource for all things Halo Infinite. The application has been re-designed from the ground up and will feature news and event information, customization, statistics and profile information, and more.

As an overall philosophy, we really want the application to cater to all users, but we especially considered those who like to stay connected & engaged both during and after they play. Accessing your Spartan customizations, progression, and gameplay stats are near and dear to all of us as gamers, so allowing these to be accessible within a few taps of a finger.

Below is a further sneak peek at unlockables and customization. Additionally, Service Awards will also represent long term achievements for players and represent a showcase for your profile.

Our Take

Halo Infinite is shaping up to be something very special and we will have extensive coverage from now through launch. Stay tuned. And if you haven’t yet watched the 15 minute overview video of multiplayer, do it!


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