New Details Revealed for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X / S

Yesterday during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, Jorg Neumann, head of development of Microsoft Flight Simulator, gave us our first details on the game’s release for Xbox Series X & S on July 27th.  

Neumann showed off some new features of the game which will allow players to more easily get hands on, including;

        • Being able to take ‘Discovery Tours’ where you can choose from ten locations to experience. This includes Mount Everest, Giza, Bora Bora, Naples, New York & Rio De Janeiro. According to Neumann, all you need to do is ‘fly and have fun.’
        • The addition of labels for Points Of Interest from Bing Maps, allowing the player to see locations on the world map.
        • Improving the on-boarding experience with changes to the tutorials. Giving players 22 new, shorter tutorial missions with performance indicators.
        • A feature called ‘Flight Assistant’ which allows players to have the AI fly, land and recover for you.
        • A new ‘Land Anywhere’ feature coming to the game. Floats are being added to some planes to land on water, and skis to land in snow.

Neumann also teased that some ‘really good announcements’ are coming regarding peripherals and flight sticks available for the Xbox version of Flight Simulator. He spoke about the upcoming world updates, with two more releasing in 2021, and six more slated for next year. Finally, he mentioned that some unexpected content will be coming to the game which will get the ‘hearts pounding’ for both gamers and simmers.

By Elliot Porter

My name is Elliot Porter, also known as Direckt Gaming! I'm an Australian, independent content creator who mainly focuses on Xbox content on my personal YouTube channel. I also co-host a weekly podcast called Controllers & Coffee, and I'm a writer and reviewer for Seasoned Gaming.

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