Elden Ring is Coming : Gameplay Details and New Screenshots

Yes, it’s real, and it’s spectacular. Elden Ring launches on January 21, 2022 and there’s a lot of information on the latest game from From Software to share. Let’s dive in.

First, if you haven’t watched the full, official trailer from Bandai-Namco in 4K, we highly recommend it. It’s far higher quality than was shown during Summer Game Fest.

Since the reveal, Bandai-Namco has shared a wealth of new information and screenshots from the game. Most of this is taken directly from the official Japanese website but we’ve broken down for you below.


Gameplay and World Details

  • The game world is the largest ever created by From Software.
    • It will feature a day and night cycle
    • It will also feature dynamic weather which will play into gameplay events
    • The entire world is interconnected and seamless. Dungeons will connect to the world and shortcuts will still be a highlight.
    • As you would expect, there will be a large variety in biomes including swamps, castles, mountains, plains, and more.
  • NPCs will have their own motivations and can both help and hinder the player. They will include unique storylines.
  • Unlike Sekiro, Elden Ring will have full character creation like other From Software titles.
  • An online connected mode will allow 4 player co-op in some form.

Direct Feed Screenshots

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