Dying Light 2 : Full Live Stream Recap and Details

Dying Light 2 is real, and it looks fantastic. After what seems like an extremely long wait compounded by the pandemic, Dying Light 2 will officially release on December 7th worldwide.

Here are the core details to be aware of:

  • The sequel takes place 20 years after the first game.
  • The city is about 4 times larger as the first game, but the focus is really about verticality as well. Thus making it exponentially bigger to explore.
    • In this vein, the team said there are double the animations for the parkour which equates to approximately 3,000 individual animations.
    • In the next live stream the team will go into far more detail on the new parkour system.
  • There are 3 factions battling for control of the city with each having a wealth of characters to meet, stories to tell, etc.
  • The game will feature a day and night cycle again.
    • The day will focus on human enemies, the night on creatures.
    • According to Techland, night time will be far more threatening than before.
  • It will continue to support 2-4 player co-op
  • On the PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series consoles the game will support 4K/Ray Tracing, 4K/60, and Performance modes.

You can find the full 8 minute gameplay trailer below!

You can pre-order now with a limited number of collector’s editions being available at select retailers!

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