Ubisoft Details the Future of The Division Including Free to Play “Heartland”

Today Ubisoft detailed the future of The Division franchise with a wealth of information and new content. Let’s dive in.

First things first, The Division continues to be an extremely successful IP for Ubisoft. Since the Warlords of New York expansion launched for The Division 2, over 40 million players have now experienced the franchise and it currently has the highest active player count in the IP’s history.

As Massive is primarily focused on a new Star Wars title, Ubisoft detailed how they will continue to support and expand the Division universe. First up is a new free-to-play title being developed by Red Storm Studio. Titled Heartland, it will launch next year on PC, consoles, and cloud. If you’re interested in partaking in early tests, you can sign up here.

The Division will also be coming to mobile platforms in the future. Ubisoft has promised more details at a future date. Lastly on the game front, there is still additional content coming for The Division 2 as well.

As previously announced, brand new content will be coming to The Division 2, with development led by Ubisoft Massive and support from Ubisoft Bucharest. While it’s still too early to discuss any specific details, this update will include an entirely new game mode for The Division franchise and new methods for levelling your agents with an emphasis on increasing build variety and viability. We look forward to revealing more later this year ahead of this content’s late 2021 release.

Finally, The Division film is being produced by Netflix and Ubisoft Film & Television. As previously announced, it will star Jessica Chastain and Jake Gyllenhaal with Marshall Thurber directing.


Our Take

The Division has been a fantastic franchise so far and The Division 2 remains one of our favorite looter/shooters on the market. We’re really excited by the continued expansion of the IP and can’t wait to see what the new content brings in the future.



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