Nintendo Posts Record Profit, Switch Outpacing Both Wii and PS4

We talk often about how successful Nintendo has been with the Switch, and overall game sales on the platform. Their latest fiscal results reaffirm their success.

Here’s a breakdown of the key figures from the report they released earlier today. Data below courtesy of Daniel Ahmad:

  • The Switch has no sold-through 84.59 million units in 49 months since launch.
    • When launch aligned, this is outpacing both the Wii and PS4.
    • It is also on pace to surpass 100 million units faster than both the Wii and PS4.

  • Overall revenue was $16.59 billion, the highest since fiscal year 2008-2009 and up 34.4% year over year.
  • Operating profit was $6.04 billion, the highest ever for Nintendo and up 81.8% year over year.
    • Profit reaching 36.4% of revenue is also a record.

  • 54.77 million units of software were sold in the quarter, up from 45.58 million in the same quarter the prior year.
  • Surprisingly, physical game sales still represent 57.2% of total software sales.
  • Nintendo is investing heavily into Research and Development, with $880 million spent (their most ever).

Our Take

Nintendo just doing what Nintendo does. The Switch representing both the console and handheld market in one has been a boon for them and it continues to blow away expectations. We love seeing the larger investment in R&D and we truly hope we see improvements to overall online support and infrastructure in the future.

By Seasoned Gaming

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