Limited Run Games to Potentially Begin Working with Xbox

Limited Run Games has built a reputation for themselves within the hardcore / collector gaming community. For years now, they’ve been producing collectible, hard copies of games for PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. The big question that’s often asked is, “Why not Xbox?”.

Luke Lohr, Host of the Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast and friend of SG, interviewed Limited Run Games this past week. During the discussion, Lohr posed the question around LRG working with Xbox to which Douglas Bogart and Josh Fairhurst responded with the following:

“Xbox is interesting and we’ve been trying to get on those platforms for years” said Fairhurst…he continued “We’re officially Xbox partners now.”

According to Josh, he even spoke with Phil Spencer at a party about it once to which he said “I’m all for it as the fans want it“.  Fairhurst continued:

“We feel like the Xbox is a whole different audience and so we want to make sure we pick games that appeal to them.”

Bogart then commented:

“We work with Bethesda all the time and Microsoft just bought Bethesda and it’s really weird that the Doom releases we’ve done are not on Xbox. It doesn’t make any sense. We work with Double Fine pretty often. We’ve released a few of their games. So, to not have those as Xbox releases physically is weird because they’re another first-party company now. So I think one of our big, initial initiatives on Xbox will be to correct those things.”

To listen to the full interview, please check out the Xbox Expansion Pass here!

Our Take

We’re big fans of collectibles here at SG as our fans know, so we’re very on-board with this. We hope to see it come to fruition sooner rather than later!

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