Aiding Recovery with the Gaming Community

At the start of October 2020 I had a nasty accident that turned my life upside down. I broke my tibia and fibula in my left leg. That day is blue to me as I was on the most amount of pain relief I have ever been on! Needless to say I was rushed to hospital via ambulance, x-rayed, and it was confirmed what I had done. I needed surgery as soon as possible! I was quite scared as my last surgery was when I was a baby when I spent a few days in hospital.

This has been hardest thing I have ever been through in my life, mentally and physically. A day or two after surgery I needed to get out of my bed in order to be allowed home. I hopped into a chair with a zimmer frame while my head was spinning. The pain was unreal, but I did it. It took everything I had. I needed to get home. My wife missed me as did my kids as it had started to affect them. It was upsetting them as I hadn’t spent a night apart from since we married over ten years ago.

Once I was home I was very pleased despite living in my living room. However I had my all of my gaming and podcasting equipment set up. Gaming has  been a big part of my recovery, as to be honest, there’s not much else I can do as I can’t walk. But obviously I love gaming and it has helped me so much. Playing games with friends is great fun and it takes my mind off the fact that I can’t really do much at all. The situation really got to me as I went from being active, to being not being able to do anything. Simple things like taking my kids to bed were not possible. It’s very depressing, but I have had a lot of support from friends and family. A friend reminded me in a call from the gaming community that yes, it looks bad, but remember it’s temporary and you will walk again. Many people aren’t afforded that opportunity! You know who are and thank you!

Podcasting is a excellent escape away as it’s a great way to talk to people. I love it. I have done many Stubzcasts while not being not able to walk, including many live while sitting in bed. I love the midweek gaming community. They are incredible, funny, and real friends. Special shout out to Mr. Tushi, Removable Sanity, VJ, Cerebral Paul, Animated Evil. They even covered for me when I was drugged up in the hospital due to my surgery. Podcasting really helped me throughout my recovery as well. It’s been a very positive force due to my friends in the gaming community. To be honest my real life friends never really checked in on me. It’s sad I know, but I don’t care. Throughout my YouTube/content creation/podcasting journey, I have met and made friends with some of the best people I ever could of met who have been there from the minute I had my accident, until now. I love that so much more then so called “real life” friends. My gaming friends are my real friends. Another shout out to Maskedmayhemuk from bg4ghub, who I have met in real life. He’s helped me more then people know, and I would love to meet so many more in the future!

While I can walk now, my learning to walk and recovery is still on-going. But I am getting there. Thank you for reading all!

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