Drinkbox Studios Presents Nobody Saves the World

The [email protected] showcase via Twitch wrapped up a few hours ago and instead of trying to summarize the entire event, we’ll be highlighting several games from the show. First up, the new game from Guacamelee Developer Drinkbox Studios. Titled, Nobody Saves the World, it left a mark on the audience when shown off. Let’s check it out.

The premise is simple, albeit silly, as you would expect:

The Calamity is spreading monsters and gross corruption everywhere. The wizard hero Nostramagus is nowhere to be found, but you’ve stolen (borrowed?) one of his magic wands and are taking matters into your own tiny hands. The wand lets you morph into many unique forms — a rat, knight, horse, mermaid, robot, and lots (LOTS) more! It’s up to you to master these forms and their powers to defeat the Calamity.

One of the key points in Nobody Saves the World is that you don’t grind enemies nor levels in the game. Instead it’s meant to be quest focused with a wide range of objective based, or downright hilarious quests to complete. From the Xbox Blog:

There are lots of quests to complete and while some are serious (“kill 10 enemies without getting hit”) some are less so (“fall in love,” “get sat on”). Early on, you’ll learn to mix and match the abilities of your forms, opening a bazillion combos. A knight that bites everything like a rat? A robot that gallops around like a horse? You bet!

As you explore the game’s vast overworld, you’ll discover dungeons and battle through them to push back the Calamity. A dungeon might be a castle or cave, but it might also be a giant rotting pumpkin or a crashed UFO. Dungeons are procedurally generated to make sure the game stays fresh and gets increasingly difficult the further you go. There’s always a new dungeon, form, quest, or challenge just around the corner.

Nobody Saves the World arrives on Xbox Series X, Series S, and One along with PC later this year. It will also launch into Xbox Game pass. Stay tuned for more coverage in the future!

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